For the restless:

import flask.ext.restless
from elixir import Date, DateTime, Field, Unicode
from elixir import ManyToOne, OneToMany
from elixir import create_all, metadata, setup_all
from sqlalchemy import create_engine

# Entity classes must inherit from flaskext.restless.Entity. Other than
# that, the definition of the model is exactly the same.
class Person(flask.ext.restless.Entity):
    name = Field(Unicode, unique=True)
    birth_date = Field(Date)
    computers = OneToMany('Computer')

class Computer(flask.ext.restless.Entity):
    name = Field(Unicode, unique=True)
    vendor = Field(Unicode)
    owner = ManyToOne('Person')
    purchase_time = Field(DateTime)

# Basic Elixir setup is the same.
metadata.bind = create_engine('sqlite:////tmp/test.db')
metadata.bind.echo = False

# Create the Flask application and register it with the APIManager.
app = flask.Flask(__name__)
manager = flask.ext.restless.APIManager(app)

# Create API endpoints, which will be available at /api/<modelname> by
# default (with the lowercase form of the model name). Allowed HTTP methods
# can be specified as well.
manager.create_api(Person, methods=['GET', 'PATCH', 'POST', 'DELETE'])
manager.create_api(Computer, methods=['GET'])

# start the flask loop

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