Flask-Restless provides simple generation of ReSTful APIs for database models defined using SQLAlchemy (or Flask-SQLAlchemy). The generated APIs satisfy the requirements of the JSON API specification.


This is a “beta” version, so there may be more bugs than usual. There are two fairly serious known issues with this version.

First, updating relationships via association proxies is not working correctly. We cannot support many-to-many relationships until this is resolved. If you have any insight on how to fix this, please comment on GitHub issue #480.

Second, we would like to make it easy to support serialization via third party serialization libraries such as Marshmallow. In order to do this correctly, we need to separate serialization and deserialization into two parts each: (de)serializing a single resource and (de)serializing many resources from a JSON API document. I have not quite finished this yet. You can see the updated Marshmallow example on GitHub, but it will not work until the serialization code is updated. If you have any comments, please file a new issue on GitHub.

API reference

A technical description of the classes, functions, and idioms of Flask-Restless.

Additional information

Meta-information on Flask-Restless.